<b>Slide</b> <b>Rule</b> Books - Tina Cordon

Russian circular slide rule manual

<b>Slide</b> <b>Rule</b> Books - Tina Cordon

Slide Rule Books - Tina Cordon Anyways, some notes on the desn: On one side (let's this "side 1"): * A log scale (inner) * A C/D scale (sliding) * A sine scale, in radians (outer) On the other side (side 2): * A K scale (inner) * An A/B scale (sliding) * A cosine scale, in radians (outer) UPDATE: At someone else's suggestion, I'm also attaching versions of the templates, so people can just use card stock. Tina's Slide Rule Books and other Good Stuff. Concise No.380 Circular Slide Rule for Electrical Communication Engineering Instructions. The Slide Rule Manual.

How To Use A Watch Bezel <b>Slide</b> <b>Rule</b> aBlogtoWatch

How To Use A Watch Bezel Slide Rule aBlogtoWatch I did a lot of research on them, and when I did, I discovered that there are circular variations. There are places on the internet that have templates for circular rules, but I wanted to desn my own. How To Use A Watch Bezel Slide Rule. Feature Articles. The following examples show some common uses of a circular slide rule Calculating a 15% tip.

Main/<strong>Circular</strong> <strong>Slide</strong> <strong>Rule</strong> Watches

Main/Circular Slide Rule Watches After seeing Phil B's Making Your Own Slide Rule, I went on a huge slide rule kick. The first thing you'll need to do is desn the rule. Main / Circular Slide Rule Watches. Warning preg_replace The /e modifier is no longer supported.

<em>Circular</em> <em>Slide</em> <em>Rule</em> eBay

Circular Slide Rule eBay The code is below, and the result is in "slide_stator.svg". I desned these files so that the rule could be cut out of acrylic with a laser cutter. Find great deals on eBay for Circular Slide Rule. Sama & Etani 1968 Circular Slide Rule With Case Card and Manual. DATE FINDER SLIDE RULE VINTAGE 4" CIRCULAR.

A <b>Manual</b> For The <b>Slide</b> <b>Rule</b> PDF. - hobbp.us

A Manual For The Slide Rule PDF. - hobbp.us I don't have my own laser cutter, so I had the guys over at do the cutting for me. Circular slide rule instruction for use new circular slide rule. learn to use a slide rule manual pdf. Royal Danish LibraryLibrary of the Russian Academy.

How to use dual base log log <em>slide</em> <em>rules</em> - Welcome to

How to use dual base log log slide rules - Welcome to One of the nice things about circular slide rules is that you'll never run into the "run the cursor off the end of the slide rule" problems, since there is no "end" to a circular slide rule. It turned out that in the process, I learned a lot about how slide rules worked. How to use dual base log log slide rules. 1By putting special scales on a slide rule. manual it is assumed that the reader is familiar with this theory. 10.


Voyage Anyways, I wrote a C code to produce a file of the front and back faces, along with the interior pieces that hold the rule together while letting it slide around. Trouvez votre Luminaire Slide 3x sans frais & Livraison 24h

The <strong>Slide</strong> <strong>Rule</strong> - IEEE

The Slide Rule - IEEE Bissaker Slide Rule 1654 Circular Slide Rule King Pocket Calculator 66” Sclales Thacher Calculator 30 Ft. Mannheim Slide Rule 1850 Faber Castell 2/83n

Russian circular slide rule manual:

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