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Russian circular slide rule manual

Circular Slide Rule eBay I don't have my own laser cutter, so I had the guys over at do the cutting for me. Find great deals on eBay for Circular Slide Rule. Sama & Etani 1968 Circular Slide Rule With Case Card and Manual. DATE FINDER SLIDE RULE VINTAGE 4" CIRCULAR.

Circular Slide Rule - Instructables One of the nice things about circular slide rules is that you'll never run into the "run the cursor off the end of the slide rule" problems, since there is no "end" to a circular slide rule. It turned out that in the process, I learned a lot about how slide rules worked. I have a circular slide rule that was issued to pilots from WWI through the early. a linear slide rule but will trade it for a circular one. brVery.

Slide Rules After seeing Phil B's Making Your Own Slide Rule, I went on a huge slide rule kick. The first thing you'll need to do is desn the rule. Slide Rules In 1614, John Napier. Some slide rule manuals contain relatively exhaustive explanations of the theory. Slide Rule Instructions & Straht Slide.

Main/Circular Slide Rule Watches I did a lot of research on them, and when I did, I discovered that there are circular variations. There are places on the internet that have templates for circular rules, but I wanted to desn my own. Main / Circular Slide Rule Watches. Warning preg_replace The /e modifier is no longer supported.

Russian circular slide rule manual:

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