AR-321H/AR-721H/ AR-725H/AR-757H - <i>soyal</i>

Soyal 701 client user manual

AR-321H/AR-721H/ AR-725H/AR-757H - soyal Further upgrades the AR-321H/AR-327H, the functions are better than before. Use a screwdriver to screw the mounting plate onto the wall. The standard installation Door relay and lock use the same power supply, and controller use.

SOYAL TECHNOLOGY CO. Access Control / Time Attendance system| Access control System is electronic Door Control Automation systems, which are desned to control who has allow access to a Secure Area. EP3- Soyal Product Application · EP3 SOYAL Product ApplicationPlease watch below ve. EP1 SOYAL Company IntroductionPlease use Google Ch.

SOYAL 701 Software Quick Start - YouTube The most simple example of a access control system is a door which is locked to limiting people to one side of the door or the other. SOYAL 701 Software Quick Start. SOYAL Access Control. SOYAL AR 837EF Fingerprint Registration & Operation Guide - Duration.

AR-321 Driver, Soyal Device Tools, 701 Server & Networking controller, stand-alone controller, programmable controller, networking reader, converter, fingerprint, relay output module, power supplier, proximity card, electromagnetic lock. AR-321CM Driver, Soyal Device tools, 701 Server and 701 Client Installation and Setup Manual. 9. Enter a User Name and Company Name and then click “Next.

NUUO 3rd Party Integration_Soyal v1.2_User Guide_201404 Specializing in proximity access control systems (Hardware and Software). Party Integration User Guide. Soyal 701 Server / Client v8.03 and above. III. Note For more detail of ID setup, please refer to Soyal Access Control's user manual. Step 4 Install Soyal 701 Client and run the program; as supervisor /.

Soyal Driver and Software Installation and Setup Combined with the partnerships to hold the "ISMAE SOYAL 2010" exhibition. Soyal Driver and Software Installation and Setup Manual - Download as PDF File.pdf, Text. ARAR-321 Driver, Soyal Device Tools, 701 Server & 701 Client.

Client - fs003 Introduction the "CPU card" and "RFID SIM card" technology, security level is improved. WG26, 34, 38 setting for Soyal reader 125kHz/ 13.56MHz. Installing 701Server & Client English version, but the leave shows Chinese. How to make it rht. How to import/export user database to/from text file in 701Client?

Soyal Proximity Reader - Please refer to manual of AR-661U to have details. ◎Set card to. Go to 701 Client \ User card edit \ User Access Floor Edit. Select User.

How to use “Auto Save Card ID” function in 701 Please follow the steps as below to use“Auto Save Card ID” function Step1 Controller connects with PC and run 701 Client to click “8. User Card Edit”. Step 2.

AR-321H/AR-721H/ AR-725H/AR-757H - <i>soyal</i>
<b>SOYAL</b> <b>701</b> Software Quick Start - YouTube
AR-321 Driver, <b>Soyal</b> Device Tools, <b>701</b> Server &
NUUO 3rd Party Integration_Soyal v1.2_User Guide_201404
<em>Soyal</em> Driver and Software Installation and Setup
<b>Client</b> - fs003
<i>Soyal</i> Proximity Reader -

Soyal 701 client user manual:

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